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Big Bend Region

Yeah, I go way back

The forgotten Florida with abundant wildlife, nature trails, a plethora of outdoor recreational activities, and the blue-green, emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

St. George Island is the crown jewel, ranked by Dr. Beach as one of the top ten beaches in the United States. Wakulla springs, just fourteen miles south of Tallahassee, discharges 200 to 300 million gallons of water per day into the Wakulla River.

Apalachicola National Forest borders Florida’s capital Tallahassee: home to the state government of Florida, legislative session and politics, two state universities, a community college, and continued economic growth.

Florida state parks are the best weekend experience for swimming, bicycling, picnicking, bird watching, hiking, horseback riding, boating, family reunions and gatherings.

Tallahassee Mural
Florida Veterans Memorial
Tallahassee Circa 1960s
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